What is loss?

I would like to say something about loss and the loss of someone who is close to you. All of you experience loss it is the cycle of things, it is the balance of the universe, death, and renewal. The light within you is never extinguished how could it be, energy can never be destroyed. Some believe that the end is the end, it is not, this is not the truth.  The light is what you all are, it is your only truth, that is unique to you and you alone.

Others may try to become what you are, but there is only ever you, your light, your truth and the knowledge that you have within you. Loss of a light of a life is never easy, since on this level you cannot know the release that happens and it may seem that the loss comes too soon. This can be hard especially when it seems that the light has hardly been on your level at all.  But that is what is required, it is what that light knows that it must do. The loss is only felt by those remaining. Loss is not felt by the light since they move onwards and although they have known one life they will know another. For them there is no time so the loss cannot be felt as your time passes. They do not experience it as you would expect and the light within them is pure energy that can be transformed again when they choose to do so. Continue reading

Connecting with Higher Yourself

I would like to talk about connection and what it means to be connected since there are so many people who live their lives in isolation from their own self, from that light within them, they do not know what it is to know themselves, to truly be at one with the source and know what it is to be their own truth.

This is because so many choose to ignore this connection to disown it from within their own mind, yet it is there. There are many including yourself who have and will continue to know this connection which will only provide love to you and convey knowledge and understanding, more than your concious mind is capable of. Everything which is known to a person, the knowledge, they need to lead their path is there within them should they choose to connect and feel this knowing. Some may say that not all have this ability, it is not so, some are not yet attuned to what their own self is, what they really are, what their own truth is.

Yet if they were to take the time to know themselves, that is their own self, not the ego or the outer shell, then they would be able to live in a state of knowing and move on their path with much more ease. Alas this is not to be for some people in their current cycle, but it will be known to them in the future and as many strive to make a connection and feel it and have failed, they have not. The connection is there, there is just too much use of the concious mind; allow the concious mind to recede and the truth will shine out.

Love – What is it?

What is love and what does it really mean from a spiritual perspective?

Love cannot be denied it exists within all of us, it is a universal law. Even those who appear without love, without compassion have it within them. It is there, it is part of your very essence, it is what the creation exists for. It has been put there for you to know for you to discover. Love is the source, it is at one with the source, if there was no love, there would be no light, there would be no you as you know it.

Love defines you, it allows you to be, it allows you to be as you are. You are mistaken if you believe that love does not exist since it does and always has. This is not the romantic notion of love, it is something entirely different, it is within you  and always will be on all levels. Those who deny it will come to know it in time. And it may not be during this incarnate life but another. Just be reassured that it exists and those who come to know it, to understand it, to feel it, can reach a more satisfied way of living.

Living in the Now and the Past

The troubles that are perceived by many to cause difficulties in their life are only every transitory. They happen in a time, yet that time only exists in that moment. It is the memory of that time which causes the grief, the image of that time is there within the memory. It is therefore not the trouble or pain that is experienced at that moment which provides the continuation of the difficulties it is the echoes and the resonance of it that is the pain, but not the event itself.

If you could only know the now, this very second and once it had passed have no knowledge of it then the trouble that so many people suffer from would not exist, they could not be able to recall time and time again that difficult memory. The now is a gift yet memory cause the now to bring pain into the present. Continue reading

Light, Truth and Knowledge

There is always time for learning and discovery from within that place that lies dormant within so many of you. the place where knowledge resides yet it is not so very often given to be accessed. Within this place is the knowledge and love that can allow the light to soar and feel as it does without the need for the physicality of the body. It is a place that holds so much more than simple things, it is a place that can reveal so much should the opportunity be taken to access it. It is this source, the true source that resides within all that can be allowed to speak its truth, its known messages its ability to give and yet there is resistance by so many who refuse to acknowledge that truth within them.

Latest Affirmations

“You are one, we are all one. all from the source of love”

“Where there is light there is love. Be of the light and shine”

“The love is there, know it and embrace it”

“All is peace, all is light, all is love”

“Your light knows nothing of time”

“Always know that I am here and will be guiding and helping your truth”

“Silence is the path to truthfulness”

“Sit, all the mind to be still and know thyself”

There is a Light Within You

There is a light within you that is there for the purposes of learning and love and it should not be denied. It is there and can be accessed at any time, yet so many find this a difficult thing to do. This is because there isn’t an allowance of the light to flourish within and I would urge you all that all is contained in their is nothing but purity. To chase it is not right, to allow it is freedom itself, and to know freedom is to know this light and love. This known yet is not always acknowledged. Time should be taken to know the inner light and allow it to warm from within.

Love is not Always Pure

Love can be pure but it can also be tainted, if there is not pure love then it is not the truth. If it is not the truth then the guidance you seek from it will not be of the light. Beware false love and false truths they do exist and they can masquerade as light and love when in fact they are something much more. If you are to follow into the light make sure the path is true and the love is pure, for those that find tainted love can fall into darkness, and that will not release their own light, but keep it tormented and unable to be aligned and realise its own truth here on earth.

Remember there are those that do not speak the truth and they are not of the light, so always ask yourself if love is the truth.